WEAR A SHIRT AND SPREAD HOPE! Having Overabundant Peace Everyday (HOPE) with God.



I HOPE to see a better world where people take hold to God's unfailing Love.  A world where even though people are of a different race, they can still stand united.  A world where hate, jealousy, fear and worry doesn't exist, because everyone is focused on lifting each other up and not bringing harm to each other.  Greed, selfishness and similar attributes will be no more and kindness, compassion and love will prevail.  Everyone will be equal no matter their accomplishments, because no one will be suffering or without.  Just imagine, a peaceful, beautiful world of caring and loving people with both the earth and people prospering.  Sure, I know this sounds impossible the way things are now on earth, but it can change one person at a time. 

This is why I started Shirts-N-Hope.  I'm one person trying to help spread love and kindness among people so that the world can be a better, not worst, place to live.  I know there are others with the same care, so I hope we can make a difference together.   

Join me in spreading the Hope of God's unfailing love throughout the world while we wait for His promised Hope of Heaven; where only good will dwell.    

*Shirts-N-Hope gives to churches, causes and programs. Shirts-N-Hope will always donate to community in some way or capacity.  Helping your brother and sister is God's way.