WEAR A SHIRT AND SPREAD HOPE! Having Overabundant Peace Everyday (HOPE) with God.

The Promises

Jesus is returning for His church.  It's not a building, but it's those who believe in Him.  Unfortunately, it seems that more and more people are turning away from God and His word only to choose or follow something or someone else.  God is our creator, believe or not, and He only wants Good for us, just like a good parent.  He doesn't want one soul to be lost and tells us this in I Timothy 2:1-6.  Let us get to know our Creator, the One who created this beautiful universe.  His creations are beautiful and mighty above any and all that any man can ever create or think.  Seek Him and I pray you find peace, blessings, love, comfort, kindness and goodness along the way.


  • God is the Light and Truth.

  • God is Good!


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