WEAR A SHIRT AND SPREAD HOPE! Having Overabundant Peace Everyday (HOPE) with God.


It's a consensus!  Seemingly, everyone would like to go to heaven,  But there seem to be so many different ideas and beliefs on how to get there.  I'm not sure of your thoughts or beliefs, but I'll share what I have discovered.  Since being born, I have learned and experienced a lot of things.  After learning about different cultures, religions, about the heavens and earth and human behaviors, I've concluded that God is real.  Once concluded by the evidence of nature and creation, I began to read God's Word.  People often said that God's Word contradicted itself, but in my findings, I found that the different books support each other.  God used many different people during different time periods to write His Word to fulfill one message; He is life now and life after death.  How pure genius, of course!  The Word guides us in our human state on how to achieve living a spiritual life with the Father, God, and with Him forevermore in our spiritual state.  And of course, if one doesn't believe or follow God's Word, there's that disconnection in the human state and separation of the eternal spiritual life from God.  All knowledge and control are in God's hands.  The only power a person really has is to freely choose where they want to spend their spiritual life.  God's Word tells us that the only way we can live with Him forever, in Heaven (Zion, Paradise) is to receive His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.  What spiritual life will you choose?

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